Many clients want to travel with Anne and her team again in Japan or prefer to visit independently from a tour group. 

Art Travel will arrange for Anne and her to serve you as private guides on Foreign Independent Travel (FIT) for small parties of families, couples, and individuals.  Her start-to-finish planning services include a careful assessment of your interests and needs, crafting an ideal and day-by-day itinerary that is suited to your travel expectations, and provides seamless and personalized guiding throughout the journey.  


Testimonials from FIT clients:

“We experienced Japan in a very special way thanks to Anne’s company and she is an amazing guide, and has been an inspiration to us. Anne’s knowledge of the culture, patience with such a large group made everything more interesting and enjoyable.”

– San Salvador, El Salvador

"Anne truly made each day extraordinary and was so patient, flexible, responsible and do whatever it took to make our time with her an exceptional experience."

- Vancouver, B.C.

“Anne made our trip of Japan such an enriching experience. Because of her care, concern and abundant knowledge, we truly captured the essence of this beautiful and unique country. We particularly appreciated her efforts in exposing us to a variety of traditions, cuisine, locations, life styles and people. It was wonderful.”

– New York, NY

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Anne for her care, her knowledge of Japan and for her expertise.”

– Mountain View, CA