Anne leads annual trips to the best art fairs in Japan, Asia and Europe, including the Setouchi Triennale, Venice Biennale, Documenta, and Maastricht.

She provides an in-depth historical background of the culture and art of the country as well as of the art event, introducing you to the artists and supporters of the contemporary art world.  Check out her blog, which features an upcoming trip to Japan. 


Some thoughts on Anne's trips:

“I think we will smile every time we think of our time spent with Anne. She was a wonderful shepherd leading us to highlights, knowing of our limited energy and time. What a gift and talent she has to remain calm, interested, knowledgeable, compassionate and light hearted in the midst of stresses and time constraints. She gave us so much of her warm spirit, energy and time.”

– Seattle, WA

“Anne revived my love of travel and made me see art in everything.“

– Chicago, IL

“Anne led an amazing trip with such thought, emotion and made it so thought provoking.”

– New York, NY

“Anne is a total joy and delight, and I loved every minute of learning from her, and her orchestration of the trip was brilliant.”

– Santa Monica, CA